• Image of 1989 "LEVITATOR" T-SHIRT - as worn by BOOGA!
  • Image of 1989 "LEVITATOR" T-SHIRT - as worn by BOOGA!
  • Image of 1989 "LEVITATOR" T-SHIRT - as worn by BOOGA!
  • Image of 1989 "LEVITATOR" T-SHIRT - as worn by BOOGA!

One from the archives!


Back when we started drawing Tank Girl strips, I supplemented my meagre comics' income by doing small print runs of t-shirts. I produced the first Tank Girl shirt, and the first Wired World design for Philip Bond. I would give a lot of them away, so everyone in our comic creator gang would be wearing my shirts, pretty much all of the time.

One particular favourite of Jamie, Phil, Glyn Dillon, and myself was the "Levitator" shirt. The guys have all long since worn their shirts to rags, and often ask if I had any spares lying around. I didn't, but I do like a nice, enigmatic, retro item, so we've had a small batch re-printed - just as they were 30 years ago - to hand out to the gang once more.

So here it is again...the long lost, much requested Levitator. An obscure curio for Tank Girl and Deadline Magazine completists.

As a little nod to TG/Deadline fashions past, Booga can be seen wearing one in the final issue of Tank Girl All Stars.

The fuzzy photo is of Glyn Dillon, modelling one of the originals, posing next to his freshly painted giant Star Wars bubblegum card, on the wall of The Factory Club in Worthing, circa 1991 (foreshadowing his current job as costume designer on the new Star Wars movies!)

Professionally screen-printed onto quality cotton grey sports shirts, with sewn-in embroidered TG tag and card tag.

As with the original, this shirt is available in unisex cut only.

Beware of imitations.

Shipping on this item includes tracking.