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These hand-made custom carded cars are a very limited edition. Issued from Action Alley's latest branch of their toy department "ACTIONBOX".

These items are limited one of each design per customer, so please don't buy more than one of each or you will be refunded.

Booga's 1970 Opel Kadett

Tank Girl's 1970 Ford Ranchero

Tank Girl's 1957 Ford Custom 300

Barney's 1960 El Camino

All on exclusive Jamie Hewlett backing cards.

Each car has been painstakingly removed from its original backing card, the plastic blister cleaned, the car re-decal, and the whole thing fixed back onto a new backing card, hand numbered and signed on the reverse side by Tank Girl co-creator Alan.

The backing cards are 150mm x 110mm approx, and the cars are 75mm in length.

Every carded car will come with a signed bonus backing card, an Actionbox club member card, and two 38mm badges/buttons - one with the Actionbox logo, and one with a red-on-blue TG logo.

All text and design by Alan Martin.

As with our Actionfix models, Alan's concept is that these are little works of art to be kept in their packaging, rather than opened up and played with, but hey, feel free to do what you want with them!

The cars are originally Matchbox branded and made in Thailand, and are used as found objects for art/collage purposes, all other elements are made in Great Britain.
Again, we want to reiterate that these are individual artworks, made using collage, printed materials, and found objects, and are sold as such - miniature pieces of art, not toys.

Shipped in a strong cardboard box.

EU customers please read our shipping terms and conditions.

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