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We've located a pack of the very popular Jet Girl "Cut-Out Diorama Super Theatre" cards from five years ago (originally came with Poster magazine #9).
We've put some sets together with a poster and a bonus print, so here they are again!

A set of three A5 cards featuring Tank Girl, Jet Girl and the gang in different guises, along with other cut-out objects (tank, jet, tea trolley) and two different backgrounds.

An A3 fold-out poster (one-side print), folded down to A5, of the Tank Girl and friends "Elemental Signs" page from Tank Girl Gold, drawn by artist Brett Parson, hand signed by writer/co-creator Alan Martin.

Included with this set is a 148 x 148 mm print of a cropped Tank Girl panel from "Summer Love Sensation" by Jamie Hewlett, signed by Alan.

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Shipped in a board-backed envelope.

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