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Worthing Art College Badge and Union Card Pack (1986)


Another buried obscurity from the depths of the Action Alley vaults...

Two replica WSCD Student Union cards ("The Boy From Union" and "The Girl From Union"), and two badges/pins/buttons.

Back in 1986, myself (Alan), and fellow students Phil Bond and Nick Bitton ran the Students' Union at The West Sussex College of Design in Worthing, Sussex (essentially we were in charge of throwing big parties). For the year 1986 to 1987 we (along with our new friend Jamie Hewlett) designed union member cards based on the logo from popular 1960's special agent show The Man From Uncle (and The Girl From Uncle, starring Stephanie Powers). These were very popular with students, and are still fondly recalled today by alumni that carried them (producing one at the checkout of Sussex Stationers would get you 15% off your drawing equipment!). This was the year that Tank Girl was created (in our college fanzine Atom Tan).

About a decade ago I organised a few college reunions in Worthing and recreated the cards to hand out to old friends, along with two badge/pins.

The badges feature the art college logo (a simple "Orange Spot") and the typeset words "West Sussex College Of Design", both scanned from an original 1980's college letterhead.

Badges are 38mm across and have a matt finish. Both cards are hand signed by me on the inside (although I was just the lowly union secretary, not the president!).

These few sets are what's left of my hand-outs.

All packed in our lovely new Action Alley 70s "anabas" style branding.

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